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Kafaldada School Library Project

Our heartfelt gratitude to Alessandro Chimienti, Tina Hovsepian, Martha Chhantyal, Sweeda Shah, Priya Upadhyay, Sagina Khanal and Ushar Shrestha for supporting the project.

Ghusel Health Camp, Lalitpur

We screened 192 Ghusel residents, provided free medications and most importantly steered them to the path of healthier and more prosperous lives.

Chandrauta Eye Camp

We performed a total of 115 cataract surgeries and screened 527 people for ophthalmological conditions, which included free medications and a follow-up visit for surgical cases.

Kafaldada School Library Project

To facilitate the access to Apun, Gorkha after the April 2015 earthquake, Abiral Foundation constructed a 2.5 km road that connected the village to Khimpu and Olang.

Jajarkot Health Camp

We examined 600 Jajorkot residents (mostly who had never consulted specialists), gave away free medications and disseminated information about water sanitation and hygiene.