We are accepting
donations to assist everyone
impacted by the fires in Maui.

100% of the proceeds will
go to those affected
by the fires, and will be sent
directly to the
Hawaii Community Foundation.

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Abiral Foundation was founded with a simple goal in mind: to make a difference in the world. The founders, inspired by the needs of communities around the world, decided to use their skills and resources to create a non profit organization that would have a positive impact on people's lives.

Abiral Foundation believes that empowering women is essential in order to achieve gender equality and sustainable development. However, in many developing countries, women still face significant barriers to equal participation, especially in rural areas and agricultural activities. Based on these factors and circumstances, our team involves women in work training such as bee farming, and soil quality testing. These training courses, increase confidence and develop their knowledge and skills.  At the end of the courses, Abiral Foundation financially supports all the females participants in order to kickstart their own family business, which in time, will increase their monthly income. 

We are working a remote area of Gorkha with limited access to education. While supporting many students for education we are more focus on providing good education support to girls so that they can contribute their family, society and country in economy also. Traditional gender roles and cultural attitudes discriminate against girls, and as a result, they have limited access to education. We tried to break this through our support to empower girls through education support.


A 501c3, tax exempt nonprofit corporation, ABIRAL Foundation, has been established in Los Angeles, California. The focus of ABIRAL Foundation is to provide a lifeline of support and knowledge to marginalized individuals and families in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities.

ABIRAL Foundation will support individuals and families through its charitable works and will partner with local organizations to provide various services for low income and at-risk communities in California. ABIRAL Foundation believes they can eradicate the negative outcomes endured by communities due to a lack of resources, one opportunity at a time.